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Official Results from Electric Scooter Guide 2020

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Kaabo have turned the Electric Scooter world on it's head DOMINATING the Official Electric Scooter Guide 2020 Rankings:


1st Place - Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

2nd Place - Dualtron Thunder [cost over $5,500]

3rd Place - Kaabo Mantis Pro

4th Place - Kaabo Mantis

That's right 3 of the Top 4 Professionally Tested Scooters are Kaabo...



1st Equal - Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 (= with the Dualtron Thunder)

3rd Place - Kaabo Mantis Pro

4th Place - Kaabo Mantis

That's right 3 of the Top 4 Customer Rated Scooters are Kaabo...

Kaabo Scooters NZ

Kaabo burst onto the scooter scene with their incredible range of electric scooters.  Hailing from China, basically the home of electric scooter manufacturing, Kaabo has racked up hit after hit.

Kaabo Wolf King

As if the Wolf Warrior wasn't enough to get your juices flowing, Kaabo wanted more, and so did we! The Wolf King is the flagship model from Kaabo and is not for the faint hearted. Only released in May 2021, is the all new Wolf King GT Pro, with even more power than the King and some amazing upgrades, Kaabo has really set the bar in 2021 for high end hyper scooters.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

From the Wolf Warrior 11 - Rated The World's Best Scooter by the leading authority on scooter testing - Electric Scooter Guide!

Dubbed the SUV of scooters the Wolf Warrior has everything you need to dominate any landscape - and for a top of the food chain scooter it is reasonably priced, coming in waaaay under the price of its closest rivals. Keep your eye out for the new Wolf Warrior GT Pro model coming out later in 2021.

Kaabo Mantis Pro

To the powerhouse that is the Mantis, from stunning looks, to awesome build quality - The Kaabo Mantis is the do it all scooter that the world was waiting for.

Bang for your buck the Mantis is the best scooter that you can get in the mid price range - again a dominant feature in the Electric Scooter Guide 2020 rankings with the Mantis and Mantis Pro BOTH FEATURING in the Top 4!

Kaabo Skywalker

Not to mention the Skywalker (how cool are these names!) this beauty has the highly regarded Inokim range squarely in its sights.

Beautifully balanced power and agility, the well designed and constructed Skywalker is the perfect electric scooter - looks great, can handle hills, and very affordably priced.

So take your pick - the Kaabo Electric Scooter range has a scooter for everyone!  


independent Reviews


The Kaabo Mantis packs a lot of performance and features into a decent-sized 29kg package. We love the acceleration, handling, and ride quality. It really feels like a budget Dualtron Spider and is stiff competition up against the Zero 10X.

Electric Scooter Guide

This thing is amazing! I cant believe how powerful it is and how much fun I'm having on it. Its sturdy and solid. Even at high speeds, I feel in full control. I've had a few scooters before this one and none of them compare.

Fluid Freeride