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Storm Rides Mobility Scooters are here and on a mission to bring mobility without embarrassment!

Too many Kiwis are stuck with no real way to get around, this loss of mobility can have a drastic negative effect on quality of life, relationships, friendships, causing isolation. 

No More! Enter the Modern Mobility Scooter from Storm Rides

Under NZ Law Mobility Scooters do not require a Warrant of Fitness (WOF), nor a Registration, nor is the rider required to have a car or motorbike licence... Freedom

Under NZ Law Mobility Scooters are allowed to be used on footpaths, bike lanes, and roads.

There are restrictions and recommendations regarding this please see here:   


So if you or someone you know has reduced mobility and don't want to have to ride an old school 'Granny Scooter' you have found your solution - the Storm Mobility Scooter

So easy to ride, quick, reliable, stable, fun!

Demonstrations available! just Contact Us


**NZTA are considering re-classifying all Storm Scooters from Mobility to LA Moped (requires driver licence and rego) - please consider that before purchasing**







As per our terms:

Obtain Group Ltd interprets that the Storm Cruiser, Cruiser S, and Storm Mini electric scooters fit within the guidelines of the Mobility Device category of NZTA as stated here: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/vehicle-types/low-powered-vehicles/mobility-scooters/ however Obtain Group Ltd disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any illegal use and makes no claim as to the certainty or reliability of the legality of use of a Storm Electric Scooter of any type or model in any circumstance or use case, the individual owner accepts full responsibility for ensuring the legality of their use of any product sold by Obtain Group Ltd. Legislative changes, classification changes, or re-definitions of vehicle classes or appropriateness for vehicle classes are outside of the control of Obtain Group Ltd and therefore it is understood that Obtain Group Ltd is not liable in any such case.