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Trusted for 6 years - 100% NZ Owned - 24 Month Warranty* - Finance Available

Electric Scooter Range & Speed

How Fast is it? & How Far can it go?...

The two questions we get asked the most - answered :)

Electric Scooter Top Speed:

Typical Top Speed 45km/h - speed is affected in much the same way as range which is explained in detail below. Storm Scooters have 3 speed modes / 'gears'.

Electric Scooter Range:

80km = Factory Testing (ideal scenario) with a 50kg person riding continuously @ 20kph on the flat.  This is useful to know the maximum, but it is not a likely 'real world' riding scenario unless you are a horse racing jockey at a cycling velodrome.

50-60km (Storm Cruiser S - Current model) = Reliable Repeatable Range done in NZ by 85-95kg riders, so this is your real world reliable repeatable range - done hundreds of times on multiple different Cruiser S by different riders over many years using a typical mix of low, medium, and high speed modes and including typical terrain with some hills.

30-40km (Storm Cruiser - 2017-18 model)

NB: On our journey of testing before going exclusive with our factory we tested scooters that claimed 40km that achieved a mere 12-15km in real world NZ testing. So beware of factory based claims that have not been substantiated with real world NZ testing.

Key reasons for Electric Scooter Range Change:

Weight / Load - if you weigh more, have a passenger, have heavy baggage

Terrain - if your trip is predominantly grass or sand

Gradient - if your trip has a lot of uphill especially long steep ones

Stop / Start - If you stop and start frequently - big drain

Heavy Throttle - If you are heavy on the throttle especially when accelerating from stationary


Km's is not the best way to judge range - it is all about the ride you are doing.

Some real world ride examples

Cruiser - 12Ah battery(old model N/A now):

40km - Green Bay / Titirangi to Penrose and back (Auckland) - ran dead

31km - Te Atatu to Ponsonby and back (Auckland) - battery left

29km - Otahuhu shops to Lincoln Rd (Auckland) - battery left

14km - Downtown Auckland to New Lynn (Auckland) - battery left

Cruiser S - 20Ah Battery - Current model

65km - Titirangi to Auckland Airport, then to Middlemore Hospital, back to Airport, then back to Titirangi. 

40km - Massey to downtown Akl and back.

27km - With Pillion passenger - Te Atatu to Aotea Square CBD, Ponsonby, then back to Te Atatu


We will be adding a 'real rides' map section where people can post their real rides, in the meantime feel free to map your ride and share on our facebook (@stormrides #stormrides) and as we build up the community of Storm Cruisers we will have a reliable resource.

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