Apollo Ghost

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Apollo Ghost

Vehicle Grade Scooters to fit every need... 


Scooter Type - What is the best use case for it?

Boot/Last Mile - Commuter - All Rounder - Speedster - Beast

All Rounder

Range - How far can it go?

60 km

Speed - How fast can it go?

55 km/h

Motors - How Many and What Power?

2 x 800w

Scooter Weight - How much does it weigh?

30 kg

Max Load - How much can it carry?

130 kg

IP Rating - Does it have a verified water resistance rating?

[linked to a blog article with water resistance ratings or even better a pop up with a table so no leaving product page]


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Apollo Air Pro  - Apollo Ghost - Apollo Phantom

Apollo one of the newest and most exciting brands to hit the global scooter market in recent times.

Born out of Canada's leading scooter retailer Apollo Mvmt. (now Apollo Scooters)  - they are like the STORM RIDES of Canada :) 

Chris and the boys at Apollo were selling scooters like crazy and then took the leap to design their own.  Armed with years of experience selling some of the best brands and models that the world had to offer they are ideally suited to meet the market.  

The range is quite broad and many of the original models are based on the tried and true Titan Chassis just like the Zero Range, the more recent models are starting to be unique designs with real promise to be category leaders.

At STORM RIDES we always work to test and select the best scooters available so we have chosen the most advanced and exceptional perfomers from the Apollo stable.

The Air Pro, Ghost, and Phantom.

Apollo Ghost Specs

 Specs Apollo Ghost
Configuration 52V
Battery Li-ion 18.2 Ah
Motor 2 x 800w Front & Rear
Range 60km
Top Speed 50km/h
Charging Time 8-9 hrs
Frame Material Aviation Grade Aluminium
Speed Levels 3 Speed
Display LED 
Suspension Dual Spring Front & Rear
Tyres 10" Pneumatic
Brakes Cable Disc Brakes & Regen
Waterproof/Resistant IP54
Weight 30kg
Load Limit 135Kg
Colour Black



STORM RIDES - Official Retailer for Apollo in New Zealand



Please Note - Safety & Use: We advise all of our customers to wear a helmet and gloves, and ride safely and considerately.  Additionally, Micro-Mobility / Personal Electric Vehicle laws in NZ are regularly changing - we advise everyone to stay abreast of them as many scooters are officially for off-road / private land use only. Please check the relevant laws for your intended use case. As all liability for use is borne by the owner and user of the product, we accept no liability for your use of any product purchased from us.

Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost