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Storm Electric Cruiser

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Easier to ride than a bike... get out alone or ride with friends and family.

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Zero Emissions - Maximum Fun 

Advanced Features

People love their storm electric scooters

Incredible! I saw it and just had to have one. Now that I own one - far exceeds my expectations.
Silent, Quick, Fun!

Scotty (Akl)

I ride it most days - so much fun

Dave (Akl)

Mind-blowingly chic.
A fashion accessory in addition to a new form of personal transport.

Ashleigh (Akl)

Seriously, this thing is amazing! No way anyone is getting it away from me - I Love It!

Baz (Akl)

Converts to a Golf Scooter!

View Golf Scooter

So Easy to Ride & Use!

Low centre of gravity and super stable

100% Hand operated controls
Easy lifting centre stand
Super low deck for easy step through
Low seat height so you can stop with both feet down

No leaning or weight imbalance.

**NZTA are considering classifying some Storm Scooter models as LA Moped (requires driver licence and rego) - Currently they are recommended for off-road / private land use only - please consider that before purchasing**

Electric Scooters NZ | E-Scooters

Electric Scooters or E-Scooters are taking the world by Storm... see what we did there :)  First it was E-Bikes, but they are very costly for a good one, and to be honest you are still pedalling and getting sweaty. 

E Scooters are the next wave, they are cost effective, practical, convenient, and look bloody awesome!

Our Adult Electric Scooters are specially designed to eat up with ease virtually any terrain you can throw at them - be it gravel, grass, hard sand.

The Pioneers of Fat Tyre Scooters in NZ, we have been doing this for 3 years  - testing multiple products, testing multiple factories -you wouldn't believe the rubbish we were sent, when we looked inside at the electronics and components used it was cringe-worthy, we tested them and had huge failure rates (unfortunately we see these SAME units on sale in NZ now), building relationships and most of all riding the heck out of our e-scooters ourselves so we know we can stand by them!

Fortunately we discovered a factory that makes high quality scooters as their primary product, have years of experience, and already sell in volume into other markets including western markets with higher quality control standards. After some negotiating we locked in exclusivity for our region (not just NZ) and with the best product on the market we were underway!

You wouldn't believe the quality control we went through - our Electric Scooters have been torn apart by a 30 year veteran Auto-Electrician with significant electric car servicing experience - He liked it so much he finally bought a Storm Cruiser... then after hammering that for 12 months (over 40km round trip per day, rain hail or shine - this guy is a legend!) passed it to his wife and is about to take delivery of an upgrade to the latest model Cruiser S (sporting a larger 20ah and removable battery, plus rear shocks).

A lot goes in to getting electronics right and we all know that there are factories in China who will make the biggest pile of cr@p just to make a buck, and unscrupulous sellers on auction sites in NZ who will bring in said pieces of cr@p and flog them off to unsuspecting customers with no parts held in NZ, and a dodgy/short/limited/or non-existent warranty - it's a damn shame!

We hold a comprehensive catalogue of parts in stock (at great cost to us to hold them all in NZ), have an auto electrician on call who knows these things inside and out - BUT we reserve those resources for OUR customers (we sadly get multiple phone calls every week from people who bought a sub-standard scooter which broke (surprise, surprise) and are now stuck looking for parts/service/repairs as getting none from where they bought it (surprise, surprise) - the answer is: Sorry No, we can't help our parts fit our scooters, and we hold them for our customers). If you buy from us you know you are going to be looked after.

So if you want The Best Fat Tyre Scooter in NZ, The Original Cruiser, with full 12 month NZ backed warranty, all parts in stock in NZ, dedicated NZ support, Nationwide dealer network - then look no further!   

We are constantly running out of stock - don't be disappointed - Get your order in today!!

NOTE: that these Scooters currently do not have a legal category in NZ - we are in active talks with the NZTA regarding LA Moped Status, which may require some minor adjustments - please keep that in mind when purchasing

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