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ROCKTOBER = Free Shipping* - Trusted for 7 years - 100% NZ Owned - Buy Importer Direct - 24 Month Warranty* - Finance Available
ROCKTOBER = Free Shipping* - Trusted for 7 years - 100% NZ Owned - Buy Importer Direct - 24 Month Warranty* - Finance Available

Home Of The Best E Scooters in NZ

Enter ROCKTOBER at Checkout for Free Shipping on All E Scooters & Boards From $999 !!
Find Your Perfect E Scooter

Home Of The Best E Scooters in NZ

Enter ROCKTOBER at Checkout for Free Shipping on All E Scooters & Boards From $999 !!
Find your perfect E Scooter

Electric Scooters NZ - Biggest Range, Top Brands, best Support

Are you looking for the biggest, baddest range of Electric Scooters in NZ? Somewhere that is NZ owned and operated, with 7 years of e-scooter, and personal electric vehicle, sales and service experience?

You've found it!

Whether you are looking for your first light convenient boot scooter, a solid dependable water resistant electric scooter for commuting, a top of the range high powered, hill eating, trail bashing monster... or something for everyone at all ages and stages in your family.

Storm Rides electric scooters has what you need.

Buying an Electric Scooter online can be daunting, all the new terminology, which are the best e-scooter brands, will there be parts and support? It all matters. That's why we offer a custom consult.

Hit us up on our web chat, or drop in to the Morningside (Akl) warehouse to have a test ride, we will make sure you have the right info to buy the perfect e-scooter for you.

Spring Madness Sale!!

Spring Madness Sale!!

Check out our SPRING SALE

New Stock Just Landed and we need to make space...

Awesome Deals on heaps of E Scooters & E Boards

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ROCKTOBER = Free Shipping !!

*Enter ROCKTOBER at Checkout for FREE SHIPPING on All Rides From $999!! (Including E Scooters and E Boards, up to $100 off shipping)*

24 Month E Scooter Warranty

24 Month E Scooter Warranty

Storm Rides is home to New Zealand's Best Electric Scooter Warranty.

Ride worry free with our 24 month warranty which includes the battery

24 Month Warranty on new Electric Scooters.

(12 Month Warranty on all other products unless otherwise stated i.e. Ex Demo. See terms for details.)

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Electric Scooters are taking the world by Storm...

Electric Scooters are taking the world by Storm...

Check out our Guide to the Best Electric Scooters NZ

E-Scooters are the future, they are cost effective, practical, convenient, and look bloody awesome.

Our Adult Electric Scooters are specially designed to eat up with ease virtually any terrain you can throw at them - be it gravel, grass, hard sand, steep hills, we have electric scooters for virtually every purpose

So easy to ride & use!  Storm Rides has the perfect electric scooter for every occasion

Choose from the range of hand selected high quality e scooters.  When possible we visit our supplier factories in China in person to maintain the relationship and personally inspect the quality

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The World's Best Electric Scooters

Storm Rides are official Importers & Distributors of multiple market leading electric scooter, electric skateboard, and personal electric vehicle (PEV) accessory brands. Including Kaabo, Nami, Fiido, Emove, Mercane, ETOOK, and more...

Beware of parallel imports or fly by night traders. When you buy a Guaranteed Authentic personal electric vehicle from Storm Rides you can rest assured you are getting the Genuine Article!

A full NZ backed warranty, we keep a major stock of common parts and consumables for every scooter brand and model we import

If you are going to be ripping along on your ride, you want to be damn sure you know you are on a Genuine Electric Ride

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to provide genuine parts and support to genuine E-Scooters purchased from Storm Rides (yes we will know!). So do yourself a favour and invest in the original!


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Seated E Scooters

Seated E Scooters

The Seated E Scooter is the hybrid love-child between an e-scooter and an e-bike we have all been waiting for.

Let's face it, we don't all want to stand when we ride. Some people have medical reasons for needing to sit... and some of us are just lazy

Whatever the motivation Electric Scooters with a Seat is an emerging category and we are proud to bring you some of the most popular models

Check them out!

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