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Trusted for 8 Years ✅ NZ Owned ✅ Importer Direct ✅ 24 Month Warranty* ✅ Finance ✅ Price Matching ✅ Free Shipping* ✅ Test Rides ✅
Trusted for 8 Years ✅ NZ Owned ✅ Importer Direct ✅ 24 Month Warranty* ✅ Finance ✅ Price Matching ✅ Free Shipping* ✅ Test Rides ✅

Electric Scooter NZ Warranty, Returns & Legal


Obtain Group Limited also known by the brand name ‘Storm Rides’ and the shortened version ‘Storm’ provides the following limited warranties for all products sold by Storm Rides.

All of our products carry a 12 month or 1,500 kilometre RTB warranty - whichever is the lesser, unless specifically stated otherwise. RTB (Return to Base) means the buyer pays, and is responsible for returning the goods to us; we will fix or replace the faulty products and pay for the item to be returned to the customer. If it arises that the cost to return the item is significant, we will help arrange shipping the item back, and invoice the customer. 

The exception to the 12 month RTB warranty is Kaabo & InMotion branded Electric Scooters. Electric Scooters of these brands purchased from Storm Rides only (not our Dealers) after Dec 1st 2022 carry a 24 month or 2,000 kilometer RTB warranty unless specifically stated otherwise. The second 12 month period (months 13 to 24 inclusive) of the Storm Rides 24 month Electric Scooter warranty provide limited warranty rights in the following form. In the second 12 month warranty period Storm Rides will provide Labour and Parts at a 50% discount.  The same coverage exclusions apply as per the 12 month warranty.

Storm Rides warranties include coverage for all aspects of the product excluding normal wear and tear, or consumables, or typical usage based issues. Examples of exclusions include but are not limited to brake pads, flat tyres, headset/wheel bearings, marks and scuffs, ordinary degradation of range due to battery aging which is typically estimated at 5-15% per year with proper battery treatment and care. etc.

Refund will be given only if a replacement is not available or if a repair cannot be carried out as determined at the sole discretion of Storm Rides. Warranties are not transferable beyond the original buyer without express written permission by an authorised representative of Storm Rides. Shipping fee is not refundable. Warranty does not cover unauthorised repairs - including any repair not undertaken by a nominated Storm Rides representative or other entity recommended in writing by Storm Rides, incorrect assembly, misuse, abuse or use of a product for which it was not designed. Warranty does not cover you if your purchase was used for commercial purposes.

If for any reason the product we sent you turns out to have a fault, and the purchaser resides in another part of the country or far away from our service partners, we will do our best to remotely diagnose the issue, and provide replacement parts and instructions on how to repair the product. Otherwise we will take reasonable steps to find a local service agent to repair the issue. In the case that Storm Rides nominates or accepts at its discretion nomination of a third party repair centre, and if the issue is covered under the normal warranty, then Storm Rides will cover the cost of the repair with the third party to the extent required by the warranty e.g. 100% of warranty covered parts and labour cost in the first 12 months and 50% in the second 12 months for qualifying products.   

Please contact us strictly within 3 working days of receiving your purchase we’ll sort out the issue for you as per our terms and any obligation under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

For a full refund the goods must be returned in a re-saleable state as received by the purchaser, including packaging, any refund is at the sole discretion of Storm Rides.

Warranties are for Consumer based use only, Commercial and Business use if the product will void the warranty.  

Electric Scooters, Boards, and other Personal Electric Vehicles are not guaranteed nor warranted to be water proof. The inclusion of IP ratings is to convey the water resistance rating the product has achieved.  Storm Rides warranties do not cover water damage regardless of the water resistance or IP rating stated for the product.

Storm Rides adheres to the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993 (CGA), if in any case the CGA provides rights to you as a consumer that conflict with any stated terms of the Storm Rides warranty the CGA rights shall apply in that instance. All terms of all Storm Rides agreements are severable, and all other terms remain fully enforceable.



·         Free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from original retail purchase.

·         Motor warranty will be voided if the motor is opened and modified by the customer. Any motor maintenance should be performed by an Obtain Group Certified Technician.

·         In the instance of any malfunction or damage please contact Obtain Group Ltd for technical support.


·         Free from structural defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from original retail purchase.

·         Warranty does not cover damage caused by impact damage, misuse, cross threading, or other damage caused by attempted repair by unauthorised service personal.


·         Free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from original retail purchase. Or 2 years if covered by the Storm Rides extended Electric Scooter 24 month warranty

·         Batteries accepted under warranty may be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Obtain Group Ltd.  In the case of replacement the battery may be replaced with a reconditioned battery, or may be replaced with a new battery of a similar but not exact specifications of the original. For example a new 16ah battery will provide commensurate performance as a 12 month old 20ah battery and is accepted as a fair and reasonable replacement. All decisions regarding repair or replacement are to made by Obtain Group Ltd and based on age, state, and usage of battery, reasonable judgement, and availability of parts and batteries at that time.


·         Free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from original retail purchase.

These warranties do not apply to parts or components subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. tyres, tubes, cables, foot-pad, brake pads).

Further, these warranties do not apply where:

·         The Scooter has been used otherwise than in accordance with the instructions set out in the manual. Including but not limited to exposure to water. Some scooters come with IP water resistance ratings, these ratings are a guide for the consumer.  Warranty excludes any and all water caused damage, as such we recommend the minimum possible exposure to water of any type, including riding in rain, cleaning with excessive water - a damp cloth is suitable, and riding on wet ground and puddles after rain fall.

·         The Scooter has not been maintained in accordance with the user manual.

·         The Scooter has been used for an activity that is not consistent with the intended use of the Scooter.

·         Any modifications or repairs have been made, unless approved and authorised by Obtain Group Limited.

·         Proof of purchase is not available.

Where warranty conditions are met, defective Scooters or components will be repaired or replaced at Obtain Group Ltd’s discretion.

These warranties do not detract from the guarantees under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. All other conditions or warranties, which might otherwise be implied by statute or common law, are expressly excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.


All warranties must be registered on the Website or a physical registration card mailed to Obtain Group Ltd with purchase invoice number quoted to validate your warranty.
You must have the proof of the purchase date to make a warranty claim.

·         If you purchased the Scooter from a Dealer or Partner, please contact Obtain Group Ltd in the first instance. Obtain Group Ltd will then liaise with the Dealer / Partner if necessary regarding your warranty claim.

·         If you purchased the Scooter directly from Obtain Group Ltd, please contact Obtain Group Ltd in New Zealand by emailing full details to: or through the website contact form

·         You must have the original proof of purchase receipt to make a warranty claim.

·         You may be asked for, and if so must provide, photographic evidence of the defect and/or to quote serial numbers from defective parts where visible.

·         You must allow an Obtain Group Ltd Representative, such as a Dealer or Partner of Obtain Group Ltd's selection to inspect the Scooter for the purpose of assessing your warranty claim.

·         If your warranty claim is accepted you will be issued with a warranty approval number. This number must be retained.

·         If your warranty claim is accepted, Obtain Group Ltd will, at its sole election, repair or replace at no charge the product or component that is proven to be defective, provided that the defective product or component is returned to Obtain Group or the dealer (as applicable).


All information in this publication is based on the latest production information available at the time of the last version release. Obtain Group Ltd reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.


The user manual / website contains recommendations on the safe use of Storm Rides Electric Scooters. As the owner it is your responsibility to ensure that any person using the Scooter is physically capable of doing so, and that their use of the Scooter complies with the recommendations in this website. If you will be using the Scooter in a place of work, you must ensure that your use complies with any relevant safety legislation.

Obtain Group Ltd disclaims any and all responsibility for any personal injury or property damage which may occur as a result of improper or unsafe use of a Storm Rides Electric Scooter. 


Obtain Group Ltd disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any illegal use and makes no claim as to the certainty or reliability of the legality of use of a Storm Electric Scooter of any type or model in any circumstance or use case, the individual owner accepts full responsibility for ensuring the legality of their use of any product sold by Obtain Group Ltd. Legislative changes, classification changes, or re-definitions of vehicle classes or appropriateness for vehicle classes are outside of the control of Obtain Group Ltd and therefore it is understood that Obtain Group Ltd is not liable in any such case.


To the maximum extent permitted by law, Obtain Group Ltd’s maximum liability in contract, tort, equity, statute, regulation or otherwise for any loss, damage or injury directly or indirectly resulting from any defect in, or non-compliance of, or use of, a Storm Rides Electric Scooter or any other product or service sold, rented, leased or otherwise provided by Obtain Group Ltd, will not in aggregate exceed the price (excluding GST) for the product i.e. a single electric scooter unit that caused the loss, damage or injury.

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