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How To Lock An Electric Scooter & The 3 Best Locks To Do It

How To Lock An Electric Scooter & The 3 Best Locks To Do It

E-scooters are a valuable asset – unfortunately, leaving them outside and using subpar locking systems makes them an easy target for theft .

If you’ve invested in one of the best electric scooters, you’ll want to use a superior lock to protect it.


What type of e-scooter lock do you need?

We meet people who settle for a low-quality lock, but end up paying the price when their precious e-scooter is stolen.

We’ve been selling electric scooters and accessories, providing Kiwis with the best e-scooter locks in NZ.

Below, we’ve collated the lessons learned, to save you from learning them yourself!

We recommend three types of e-scooter locks: chain, folding, and U locks. So, let’s give you a tour of the best electric scooter locks!


Chain locks

Chain locks are a common sight on bicycles – so unsurprisingly, many people use them on e-scooters, too.

One thing to be careful of with a chain lock is how you secure the chain to your scooter.

Don’t place it so loosely on the stem that your scooter could slip out of the loop.

Also make sure the chain isn’t left resting on the floor, as a thief could be tempted to try to break it with a hammer.

You can boost security further by choosing a chain lock with an alarm on it.

This could make our alarmed Zovii chain lock the perfect option. Its motion-sensitive alarm sounds briefly if someone moves the lock and will then sound repeatedly if it keeps on sensing movement.


Folding locks

Folding locks are light and practical, which helps to make them among the most popular and best electric scooter locks.

It’s easy to mount one to an e-scooter’s stem, and once you’ve detached it from your scooter, you can easily fit it inside a daypack or shoulder bag for carrying around.

However, this type of e-scooter lock has a few more weak points than a U lock.

So, if you purchase a folding lock for your scooter, you need to ensure it’s high-quality.

Something like our compact and durable ETook Folding Scooter Lock could be perfect! Available in two sizes, this is our overall best-selling e-scooter lock, and we recommend it more than any other model. 

U locks

The name of U locks comes from their U-shaped shackle locked into a straight crossbar. They are extremely strong.

We have great options for U locks in our online store. These include the Zovii Alarmed U Lock with its audible alarm to prevent people from tampering with it, as well as the Kryptonite Evolution Mini+ U Lock.

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini+ U Lock has a wheel extender, too, that can secure either the front or back wheel as well as the frame and the immovable object.


What Other Types of e-Scooter Lock Are Available?

We also sell cable locks, which are popular with our customers, and can be good as a second lock, or to secure a helmet to an already locked scooter.

Don’t use only a cable lock to secure your e-scooter, as it can be clipped with pocket shears in three seconds.

Other secondary locks include disc locks and break locks. Disk locks use the holes in an e-scooter’s brake disc to lock the wheels in place. A brake lock goes on the handlebar and holds the brake on, preventing the scooter from being rolled away – a real pain for a potential thief.

One of the above types of lock can provide invaluable additional security alongside your primary e-scooter lock.


Turn To Storm Rides For Your Next e-Scooter Lock!

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to search for your next electric scooter lock.

While no e-scooter lock can offer 100% failsafe security, some models will inevitably be better suited to your needs than others.

Browse our comprehensive range of e-scooter locks in NZ today, or take advantage of our other electric scooter accessories. Alternatively, if you don’t even have an electric scooter yet, be sure to check out our guide to the best e-scooters for 2024.

If you need any further help, hit us up via web chat. We aren’t always online, but we do check it several times a day, so will get back to you as soon as we can.

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