Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)

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Kaabo Wolf X

Go Beyond with Kaabo - The World's Best Electric Scooters... 


Scooter Type - What is the best use case for it?

Boot/Last Mile - Commuter - All Rounder - Speedster - Beast

All Rounder

Range - How far can it go?

70 km

Speed - How fast can it go?

70 km/h

Motors - How Many and What Power?

2 x 1100w

Scooter Weight - How much does it weigh?

34 kg

Max Load - How much can it carry?

120 kg

IP Rating - Does it have a verified water resistance rating?


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 Wolf X

Experience the Power of a Wolf - in a more Compact Transportable Size

The #1 rated electric scooter in the entire world, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, is back with a brand new model for 2021! - Enter the Wolf X

Kaabo's Wolf Warrior X delivers the same power and all terrain performance you have come to expect, but in a much lighter, more compact form.

The most sturdy Stem in this price range. When travelling at speeds of up to 70kph, you want to feel secure, so thanks to the super sturdy dual stem, you are in safe hands! The X is the only scooter in this price range with dual stems. 

Power meets versatility. Powered by dual 1100W motors wrapped in 10 x 3" all terrain tyres, the X has torque to spare for whatever adventures come your way.

Stopping is never an issue. All Wolf Warrior X scooters are equipped with full hydraulic brakes for effortless, confident stopping power.

Powerful battery to go the distance. This Pro+ version of the scooter has a 28AH battery to deliver a maximum range of 100km.

Be seen while you’re riding with the pack. Topping all this off, the X features colour changing LED deck lights with over 100 light patterns, all controlled from your smartphone - Plus turn signals!


  • Go the distance with 100km range
  • Front and Rear 1100W motors
  • Minimotors Controllers & EY3 Display/Throttle
  • 60V 28AH LG / Samsung battery
  • Front & rear full hydraulic brakes
  • 10"x 3" All terrain tyres
  • Colour changing LED deck lights
  • IPX5 Water Proofing

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Wolf X Specs












Please Note - Safety & Use: We advise all of our customers to wear a helmet and gloves, and ride safely and considerately.  Additionally, Micro-Mobility / Personal Electric Vehicle laws in NZ are regularly changing - we advise everyone to stay abreast of them as many scooters are officially for off-road / private land use only. Please check the relevant laws for your intended use case. As all liability for use is borne by the owner and user of the product, we accept no liability for your use of any product purchased from us.

Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)
Kaabo Wolf X (Pro+)