Mercane WideWheel Pro

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Mercane WideWheel Pro

Revolutionary Design and Performance... 

AT A GLANCE: 500w / 1000w

Scooter Type - What is the best use case for it?

Boot/Last Mile - Commuter - All Rounder - Speedster - Beast


Range - How far can it go?

30 / 40 km

Speed - How fast can it go?

35 / 40 km/h

Motors - How Many and What Power?

1 / 2 x 500w

Scooter Weight - How much does it weigh?

20 / 23 kg

Max Load - How much can it carry?

100 kg

IP Rating - Does it have a verified water resistance rating?


Stock Status:

Stock Availability


Expected NZ Stock Arrival

500w Single Motor - Unavailable*

1000w Dual Motor - Mid-December


*The Single Motor 500w is not part of the December order. There are 2 exciting new Mercane E Scooters coming, both imported direct by us. We will launch them soon, feel free to ask us by Chat 😊

Experience the New Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020 

Now with Significant Upgrades such as

Dual Brakes

Smart LCD Display

Key lock

Mercane WideWheel Pro

The Ultimate Scooter - Ride in Style, Ride in Comfort...

Eat Hills Alive!

1000w - The World Famous Dual Motor Hill Eating Beast!

500w - The Saner but Still Epic 500w Single Motor Machine!

Designed in Korea the Mercane WideWheel has been winning (blowing away) the hearts and minds of scooter lovers the world over 

Expert Review

Electric Scooter Guide USA had this to say:

"...The Mercane WideWheel Pro electric scooter has wild looks — a dark, sleek frame sitting on ultra-wide tires that look like racing slicks...

...Dual motors give it thrilling acceleration and respectable top speed... 

...If you’ve never ridden one, the ride can best be described as floating on a rocket..."

 Mercane WideWheel Pro Specs

500w Single motor
1000w Dual motor
Top Speed 35 kmh 40 kmh
Range 30 km 40 km
Battery Charge Time 4-5 hrs [10 Ah] 5-6 hrs [15 Ah]
Motor Power Single 48v 500w Dual 48v 500w
Brakes Cable Disc Cable Disc
Scooter Weight 18 kg 22 kg
Max Rider Weight 100 kg 100 kg
Water Resistant IP54 IP54
Security Key Lock Key Lock



STORM RIDES - Official Licenced Importer & Distributor for Mercane in New Zealand


Please Note - Safety & Use: We advise all of our customers to wear a helmet and gloves, and ride safely and considerately.  Additionally, Micro-Mobility / Personal Electric Vehicle laws in NZ are regularly changing - we advise everyone to stay abreast of them as many scooters are officially for off-road / private land use only. Please check the relevant laws for your intended use case. As all liability for use is borne by the owner and user of the product, we accept no liability for your use of any product purchased from us.


Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro
Mercane WideWheel Pro