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Fast Electric Scooters NZ - What you need to know!

Fast Electric Scooters NZ - What you need to know!

Twenty-first-century scooters aren't the toddling transportation of yesteryear. Nostalgia is gone and innovation is in with the fast electric scooters of today. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about today's electric scooters, from where you can find one to which scooter is the best. 

So You Want a Fast Electric Scooter

Scooters used to be something just for kids. They could burn off energy by pushing off the sidewalk and coasting down the block. Their energy and strength coupled with the quality of their road surface determined their speed.

Scooters today, though, are a completely different animal. Built for the environmentally conscious and frugal adult, today's EV scooter has an electric motor and beefy frame. You can get from one place to another quickly without having to pay for gas and while lowering your carbon footprint.

So, what makes a scooter fast, you may wonder. Many factors contribute to the efficiency of today's scooters.  

Faster E Scooters Weigh More

Electric scooters weigh around 60 kilograms. Fast scooters are heavier scooters. At some point, they become more of a vehicle because of their weight and speed. 

Today's scooter's vary in weight. Your lightest scooter can be as light as 23kg, something you could carry up a flight of stairs with a little bit of muscle. However, the fastest scooters work more like a vehicle. The Mantis or the Wolf Warrior, for example, are among the fastest scooters and thus weigh more. 

To Go Faster You Need A More Powerful Electric Motor 

A high power electric scooter differs from average scooters because of its powerful motor. Manufacturers qualify the power of a scooter by units of watts. Watts are a measure of power equivalent to energy per second or joules per second. 

Wattage or watts refer to how much power a motor can consume, not produce. We're talking about how much power the motor needs from its battery to run. 

So a 1200 watt motor requires 1200 watts from the battery to run. A dual 2400 watt motor consists of two motors that require 2400 watts. 

Motors with high wattage can consume a great deal of energy in a short bit of time. The amount of energy a motor consumes correlates directly with how much power the motor can generate. 

So if your motor requires a lot of energy, it will also produce a lot of power. The more watts your motor requires, the more quickly it can accelerate, the more rider weight it can carry, and the more easily it can climb steep hills. 

For example, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is one of the beefiest scooters out there, making it ideal for an off-road experience. It has 2 1200 watt motors. As a result, it can climb inclines with a 30% grade easily.  

You can figure a motor's power output by multiplying the motor voltage (volts) by the current (amps). So even though the Wolf Warrior has 2 1200 watt motors, it has an output of 5400 watts, making it a powerful scooter. 

Generally speaking, scooter lovers will compare electric scooters typically by looking at their motor power. In theory, a scooter that has a more powerful motor will carry heavier loads with ease and accelerate more quickly. 

Are Fast Electric Scooters Efficient?

Power, however, does not indicate efficiency. 

To make comparing even more challenging, different manufacturers measure motor wattage optimistically and not necessarily realistically. Thus, when you're evaluating a scooter, look at more than just the number of watts a motor can put out. Begin with this number, but know that it is not a full measure of a scooter's efficiency. 

You may also hear scooter experts talk about peak power and sustained power. Peak power means the amount of power a motor consumes in a short period of time. Some manufacturers will use their peak power number as the standard number for sustained power to make their scooter seem more powerful than it is. 

Sustained power, also known as continuous power, is the amount of power a scooter motor consumes over the long term. When you're looking at quote specs for motor power, the manufacturer should be referring to sustained power. Use the sustained power number as the best measure for comparing scooters. 

Choosing a well-known scooter brand matters. Well-known brands are more trustworthy and have been tested and reviewed for real-world results. 

Front, Rear, and All-Wheel Drive E Scooters

Like many modes of transportation, scooters come in front-wheel-drive mode, rear-wheel-drive mode, and all-wheel drive mode. Scooter manufacturers may refer to the scooter as "dual-wheel drive" when referring to all-wheel drive. 

Select your drive mode based on the terrain you'll be travelling over. If you're looking for a scooter that can go on all terrains or on rough roads, look at all-wheel scooters. You can purchase them with rugged, meaty tires as well as tubeless tires so you do not have to worry about changing a flat in the middle of nowhere. 

High Speed Electric Scooters

Scooters range in speed from 25 km per hour and as high as over 80 km per hour. Speed depends heavily on weight and the power of the motor. 

For example, a slower, lower-powered scooter moves between 20 and 30 km per hour. The Wide Wheel scooter is a step up from your slowest scooters. It can move up to 40 km per hour. 

When you're ready to move faster, look to the next bracket of scooter that moves 60 km per hour and over. And once you've mastered the middle-range scooter, you can move on to a monster like the Kaabo Wolf Warrior scooter that can move over 80 km per hour 

Scooters make great vehicles because you can commute with them thanks to their speed and you can off-road with them on the weekend. 

But no matter where you're going with your scooter, because of their speed, you need to make sure you're wearing full safety gear. You will need gloves, pads, and a full-face helmet if you're planning on going over 40 km per hour. 

Best Fast E Scooter Brands for Safety

It pays to look at the reputation of the company building your product. Electric Scooters carry their own risks, this is exacerbated by speed. To lessen the risk, pick a scooter from a reputable company. 

Look into buying a WideWheel or Kaabo Wolf Warrior or Kaabo Mantis. These are the fast, high-power scooters that make commuting and recreation easy and enjoyable whilst utilising quality components.

Electric scooters can be some of the fastest, safest, and most environmentally friendly modes of transportation on the market today. You can feel both secure and safe when you ride. 

The Two Best Fast E Scooters in NZ

For the best, fast electric scooters check out the Kaabo Wolf King and the Nami Burn-e on our site. If you're looking for your first fast scooter, consider the Wide Wheel. It offers a manageable level of speed for a rookie scooter driver.

Look no farther when looking for where to buy electric scooters. 

If you have any questions or want to buy an electronic scooter, contact us. We can get you rolling. 


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