Apollo Scooters - Apollo Electric Scooter Range

A new brand has been making waves on the global Electric Scooter scene - the Apollo Electric Scooter Range is the brainchild of one of Canada's leading E Scooter retailers

Originally called Apollo MVMT Chris and the team were leaders in the ecommerce space in the e scooter market (much like STORM RIDES in NZ - just at North American Scale)


Recognising that the market was growing and there were few high brand recognition, high perfromance, high quality scooter brands on the market they went big and started their own

Starting where many do - speccing the Titan (think the Zero Scooter range globally and the Sonic Scooter range in NZ) and selling it as Apollo

After the initial success they didn't stop, many brands such as Zero basically just slap their sticker on Titan scooters - instead Apollo started to have truly their own scooters made to ther spec.


Being retailers they were aware of the pain in the butt that low quality scooters are when customers have repeated issues, they set out to make something that was high performance and high quality.

Success quickly followed now they are a regular feature on the Annual ESG Awards and are footing it with other world leading escooter brands such as Kaabo and Mercane 


The Apollo E Scooter Range  

Apollo Light

Apollo City 

Apollo Explore

Apollo Ghost

Apollo Pro

Apollo Ludicrous

Apollo Phantom


As you know here at STORM RIDES we keep our fingers on the pulse and we have been dollowing Chris and the Apollo crew for some time, we are in discussions around selling the Apollo Scooter Brand in NZ and look forward to seeing where that leads