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Trusted for 8 Years ✅ NZ Owned ✅ Importer Direct ✅ 24 Month Warranty* ✅ Finance ✅ Price Matching ✅ Free Shipping* ✅ Test Rides ✅
Zero Electric Scooters - The Truth About Zero Scooters

Zero Electric Scooters - The Truth About Zero Scooters

One of the earlier brands to make a name for itself is the Zero Electric Scooters brand.  Sold globally they are a popular brand and were a solid offering.

However in more recent years the brand has been slipping behind, not keeping pace with changes in technology and growing expectations of consumers.


ZERO Scooters - A 'Sticker Brand' 

The Most Striking thing to note about the ZERO Scooter range - and probably the reason for them starting to decline is that they are a 'Sticker Brand' 

A Sticker Brand is a term used for a brand that basically ads its logo to an off the shelf model being produced by a factory usually with some minor spec changes.

There is a factory in China that produces the Unicool (Titan) the most popular model as far as we can ascertain is its T8 model.


From Electric Scooter Guide (the US based E Scooter Bible)


The Unicool T8 from the Titan Group, is one of the most popular scooters in the world that you’ve probably never heard of. 

The reason being that Titan is an OEM distributor, meaning that they are the producers of parts and assembled electric scooters that are branded and primarily sold by others.

Some of the biggest international brands of the Unicool T8 are the Apollo Light, Fluid FreeRide Horizon, and Zero 8.

Though all are built from the base Unicool T8, each brand has configured the scooter differently; each sells at different price points and with different warranty durations and features.

" Source


Some brands such as Apolllo make significant changes to the base model and have moved forward rapidly to develop their own custom Apollo Electric Scooter Range whereas others pretty much stick to the baseline model.  Another major reatiler branding the Titan is Fluid Freeride with their Horizon model, Fkuid are a top US based scooter retailer and carry a very similar range to STORM RIDES with Kaabo and Mercane being the backbone.


ZERO Scooters NZ vs SONIC Scooters NZ

In NZ there are two prominant scooter brands that appear to be sticker brands for factory base models. ZERO and SONIC.  So if that is the scooter that you want make sure you price and spec and service/warranty compare between the sellers of those scooters.

However if you are looking for a brand on the rise we recommend (and sell) Kaabo, and we recommend (and will hopfully soon be selling) the Apollo range also.    


Should you buy a ZERO Electric Scooter

Overall we still rate the ZERO as a decent scooter brand, but now if you are looking at any specific model you will typically find that there is a better scooter on the market for a similar (or even lower) price point, or the same price point but higher specced - especially the Kaabo Electric Scooter Range and in some cases Apollo as mentioned above.


The Zero E Scooter Range  

Zero 11X

Zero 10X

Zero 10

Zero 9

Zero 8X

Zero 8




NB: All information in this artice is based on the research we have done and is true to our knowledge at the time of publication. The market is fast moving and companies do change factories over time.


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