Best Places to Ride E Scooters in Wellington

Guide to Best Places to Ride E Scooters in Wellington 

You can’t beat Wellington on a good day—especially when there’s an electric scooter in the mix. They’re fun, they’re practical, and an efficient way to get from A to B. 

But, with Wellington’s diverse landscape and evolving council scooter regulations, it can sometimes be tricky knowing what areas are most suitable for a ride.  

So, whether you’re mapping out your scooter commute or finding a new weekend riding spot, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list below, compiling some of Wellington’s top electric scooter riding destinations. 

The Best Places to Ride an Electric Scooter in Wellington

Before the riding begins, it’s always a good idea to freshen up on the basics. So, that includes some of the below reminders: 

  • Wearing a helmet is highly recommended. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings. 
  • Give way to pedestrians. 
  • Ride within the speed limits.
  • And, most importantly, have fun! 

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Now, onto the riding destinations. 

  • Tawa Valley Pathway
    North Wellington

The Tawa Valley shared pathway stretches from Takapu Road Station to Porirua Station. The relatively flat 2.7km paved track is ideal for a scoot. And, if you’re hopping on the train during your journey, remember to follow the Metlink guidance, such as folding your scooter (if it’s compatible) before the train arrives.

  • Cobham Drive Shared pathway
  • East Wellington

    The Cobham 1.4km shared path provides a convenient and safe connection between East Wellington and the CBD—making the track ideal for eastern residents looking to get amongst the fresh air during their daily commute. It's flat, next to the water, and offers enough space for all users. What more could you want in a riding spot? 

    • Lyall Bay 

    Southeast Wellington
    Tucked away on the Southeast side of the city centre is the charming Lyall Bay. In addition to its surf appeal, the area is ideal for a cruisy seaside scoot. The fresh air and surrounding cafes are likely to work up quite the appetite—with Maranui Cafe being a superb lunch spot! 

    • Oriental Parade 

    Central Wellington

    It wouldn’t be right to talk about Wellington without including the lovely Oriental Parade. The seaside path is minutes away from the city centre, making it a go-to spot (especially on those warmer days). The fresh breeze and flat surface make for a winning riding combo. Just keep in mind that, with it being a popular recreational spot, staying to the left and sticking to the speed limit is an absolute must! 

    • Karori Park Loop Track 

    South Wellington

    Although only 1km in length, this wide circuit path offers a fun, family-friendly spot. With its gravel and lime-chip surface, there might be a few little bumps during your ride (but nothing your scooter can’t handle!). You can access the park via Karori Road or neighbouring streets. 

  • Wellington Waterfront and Waitangi Park 
  • Central Wellington

    Likewise, the neighbouring waterfront and Waitangi Park are bustling spots that make for an epic ride. Home to an array of artisan shops, dining options, and playgrounds, the area truly has FUN written all over it. So, enjoy indulging in the Welly scenes (but don’t forget to remain mindful of others while scooting about). 

  • Te Whiti Riser Track
  • East Wellington 

    Te Whiti Riser is ideal for an off-road adventure. The shared walking/cycling track offers a smooth(ish), wide path that follows a gentle gradient from Waiwhetu to the Eastern Hilltops. With this in mind, this spot is most suited for ultra-durable scooters, such as the Kaabo Wolf Warrior (aka the Beast!). The inclines are well worth the views! 

  • Red Rocks Coastal Track 
  • South Wellington 

    Another great off-road scooter adventure is the Red Rocks Coastal Track. The rugged (yet enchanting) 5.9km path follows the South Coast shoreline—offering fantastic ocean vibes. Plus, if you’re going for a  ride in winter, your journey may also include some seal-spotting as they seem to congregate here during the cooler months. Just be sure to keep your distance and let them do their thing. 

  • Leonie Gill Shared Pathway
  • Southeast Wellington
    The Leonie Gill Pathway runs from Kilbirnie to Rongotai and offers connecting routes to popular spots such as Lyall Bay. The practical path is designed for a range of users, so remember to share with care and use your bell (when needed) to alert walkers.

  • Riding in the CBD? 
  • With many pedestrians in the city centre (such as Willis Street, Lambton Quay, and Courtenay Place), you’re required to ride on the road in the CBD unless it is not safe to do so otherwise. 

    If you end up switching to the footpath, it’s time to step up the riding focus and share with ultimate care! 

    Destinations sussed. Now, it’s time to ride! 

    From waterfronts to parks to coastal tracks, it’s fair to say that Wellington offers some great riding spots. 

    So whether you want to spice up your commute or make the most of your weekend leisure time, we hope these destinations have you feeling inspired and ready to live your best scooter life! 

    Have any questions? Or want to upgrade your ride?
    For these riding spots to be enjoyed to the max, you’re going to want to have a pretty decent ride. So if you haven’t got your scooter sorted or want to level up your riding game, we’d love to chat

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