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Trusted for 8 Years ✅ NZ Owned ✅ Importer Direct ✅ 24 Month Warranty* ✅ Finance ✅ Price Matching ✅ Free Shipping* ✅
7 Must Have Electric Scooter Accessories

7 Must Have Electric Scooter Accessories

Get ready to take your scooter commute or weekend ride to the next level with some of our top electric scooter accessories. From essentials like helmets and locks to other gadgets such as fenders and phone holders, there’s plenty you can do to pimp your ride! 

So, let’s take a look at the top 7 accessories that every e-scooter rider needs. 



Although helmets aren’t legally required when riding an e-scooter, it’s highly recommended! Especially when most electric scooters can reach around 60km/hr, you’ll want to do your best to protect your head. 

And, don’t worry, helmet shopping certainly doesn’t need to be a bore. Rather than settling for your average, simple design, Storm Rides have some mind-blowing, high-tech, options to choose from! 

First, we have the ‘Livall Smart Helmet - Rs1 Snowboard & Ski - With Audio’ which is well-loved by many e-riders. And, yes, that’s right. You didn’t misread, this bad boy has an outstanding audio function. Using Bluetooth, you can ride while listening to music and answering your calls with ease. Plus, with a high-strength ABS shell, anti-fog vents, and high-quality EPS foam, you can count it to keep you safe. 

And, if that’s enough to ease the safety concerns, the ‘Livall Smart Helmet - Bh51t - With Rear Indicators’ is an ideal choice. The brake warning lights and automatic sensor lighting is designed to protect riders and let vehicles and pedestrians be aware of your next move. 

For the best of both worlds, you’ll want to check out the ‘Livall Smart Helmet - Bh51m Neo - With Audio And Front & Rear Indicators’ or the ‘Livall Smart Helmet - Bh51m - With Audio And Rear Indicators’. With audio and light features combined, it’s hard not to feel you’re on an epic mission. 



With electric scooters costing anywhere between $1000-$5000, a scooter lock is an absolute must. There’d be nothing worse than returning to your ride, only to find that someone else has taken it for a spin. And, chances are, they’re likely not coming back. 

To allow for a relaxed pit-stop, our Etook Folding Scooter Lock offers a compact, high-strength, durable locking system made using 4mm steel. In addition to keeping your ride secure when in use, it attaches perfectly to the stem of the e-scooter when riding—making it hard to forget! And, if you do happen to misplace one of the keys, the lock, fortunately, comes with two! 



Although many of us try to deny it, it’s hard to go anywhere without our phone. Instead of risking it dropping out of your pocket during your ride, a scooter case will help keep everything in place! 

A scooter case is also perfect for other bits and pieces, such as keys, your wallet, a water bottle, or emergency plasters. While cases can vary in size, our Scooter Case - Hard Shell & Water Resistant’ is made to fit the usual essentials. Plus, with a dedicated key hook, zip pockets, and slots, you won’t have to worry about things rattling around. 

As the product's name highlights, our case is also water-resistant and durable. And with convenient velcro stem/handlebar straps, you can take it off when not in use. 



If navigation isn’t your forte and you want directions to be on display while riding, the ‘Gub Phone Holder’ needs to be added to your list.

The Gub holder comes equipped with various plastic grips and protectors, so it can tightly fit any handlebar. It's ultra-firm grip, and curved base means that your phone won't go flying if you hit a speed bump.

And, not to mention, the holder can easily be switched to display your phone either landscape or portrait. Now, that’s the kind of versatility we need! 

Or for the latest in iPhone, Samsung, and other major Android brand accessories specially designed for use on the go check our the entire Quad Lock range, an AUS brand dominating globally with its awesome phone cases and accessories. Storm Rides is proud to stock a comprehensive range of Quad Lock.



An early commute is undoubtedly made easier with caffeine in the mix. And, what better way to transport your coffee than in your scooter's very own cup holder! It may sound a bit extra at first, but hydration is well-needed when riding. 

Not only will your drink fit nice and snug, but the holder’s UV high impact-resistant plastic, and neoprene insulation, will keep your beverage at its starting temperature.



As bike bells are designed to let your riding presence be known, they also work wonders on e-scooters. Although your model may have a built-in horn, the bell sound is far less likely to startle a pedestrian. 

In addition to being a safety precaution, bells also double as a stylish accessory. At Storm Rides, our ‘Bike Bell’ is available in Candy Red and Electric Blue. 



Let the pop of colour continue with our eye-catching ‘Fender Kit’. From pink to camo to custom painted, there’s plenty of options to transform the vibe of your scooter in minutes! 

It may seem like a simple switch. But a change from black fenders can have you feeling like you’ve got a whole new ride! 


So, that’s the essentials e-scooter accessories covered. But, depending on what model you own, there may be some other items that you’ll want to consider. For instance: 

  • When transporting bigger e-scooters such as the Storm Cruiser or the Golf Scooter, you may need a Car Rack. Custom designed and manufactured in NZ, our rack fits a standard tow bar and comes with two custom Storm straps to keep your ride safe, and secure. Before using the rack, please consider the combined weight of the rack and the scooter to ensure that it’s good to go. If you’re unsure, we’re here to chat. 


If you’re ready to pimp your e-scooter, head to our Accessories Page now. If you have any questions, please contact us today!
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