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Best Places to Ride E Scooters in Christchurch

Best Places to Ride E Scooters in Christchurch

Christchurch E-Scooter Guide (Contents):


E-scooters are fast becoming one of the most popular ways of travelling in Christchurch, and that’s no surprise considering how easy, energy-efficient, and economical it is to ride them. 

So if you’re wondering where exactly you can ride e-scooters in Christchurch, check out our Christchurch Electric Scooter Guide below that includes a list of cool spots in and around the city.

But, before we get into those locations, let’s quickly go through the basics. We checked with the Christchurch City Council to give you some answers to some common questions about e scooter rules.

FAQs on E-Scooter Rules in Christchurch

Where can I legally ride an electric scooter in Christchurch?

You can ride an electric scooter on footpaths, roadways and shared paths. Electric scooters with seats, like the ones here, can be ridden on cycle lanes and roads.

When you're riding on the footpath you need to,
  • be considerate of pedestrians and take care to not put them at any risk.
  • give way for pedestrians and those using mobility devices.
  • ride as per the speed limit- see limits on speed for e-scooters.

On roadways, you need to ride as close as practicable to the edge of the road.

Source: Christchurch City Council


Do electric scooters need to be registered?

No - If your electric scooter wheels do not exceed 355mm and the motor has a maximum power output not exceeding 300W, it’s considered by the NZ government as a low-powered vehicle. This means you can use it without registration.


Can I ride an electric scooter without a license?

Yes - if your scooter doesn’t have wheels exceeding 355mm and a motor exceeding 300W maximum power output, you don't need to have a license to ride it.


Do I need to wear a helmet on a scooter?

The short answer is no. According to the Christchurch City Council, it is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet when you ride an electric scooter, but it is highly recommended you wear one for your safety. 


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How fast can I go on an e-scooter?

A speed limit of 15km/h (about running speed) is recommended for escooters used on the footpath by the NZ Government. 

Got more questions about electric scooter laws? Check out our comprehensive guide here.


Basics sussed. Now…

Where Can You Ride E-Scooters In Christchurch?

Here are some of the best shared pathways and cycleways to ride your electric scooter in Christchurch!



This relatively new shared path provides access to South Kaiapoi via the Waimakariri Bridge. It conveniently links to existing shared tracks (such as the Papanui Parallel Cycleway), and additional council plans are underway! 

See Map from Auckland Council 



This popular cycleway makes travelling from Papanui to the city centre a breeze! On route, you may be tempted for a pit-stop at Edgeware Village or Northlands Shopping Centre. 

You can also get your sweat on or go for a swim, with the track providing easy access to the Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre. 



As the city’s ‘largest urban outdoor space’, Hagley Park has been a go-to leisure spot in Christchurch for over 160 years. 

the 1.65 km2 area is located near the city centre and contains a section of the Avon River, charming Victoria Lake, several sports clubs, a golf course (and more). 

it’s also home to the botanic gardens—but this is a no-riding zone. if you head around the north perimeter of Hagley Park via the hospital, the shared track offers a 4.5km ride. or for a slightly shorter option, the southern boundary is 3.9km in length. 


Connecting the Halswell area to the city centre, the Quarryman’s Trail Cycleway is perfect for those in the outer south-west suburbs wanting to plan their scooter commute into the CBD. 
Remember to share with care, particularly during ‘peak’ school hours, as Haswell School is right on the route.


Please click here to see the map


Located just 15 minutes away from the CBD, the rural McLeans Forest makes for an epic weekend escape. Here you can emerge yourself in nature with a refreshing ride through native bush. 

The area’s Templars Island Trail is a popular shared option—offering 11km of adventure. But with its relatively “off-road” terrain, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got a durable ride.


Riding through Linwood, this cycleway connects Ferrymead Bridge to the city centre. That means it's ideal if you want to visit Eastgate Mall, the Stanmore Road shops, or the Linwood Pool. 

The path also gets the tick for natural scenery —meandering by the wetland edge of Charlesworth Reserve. 



The Northern Line Cycleway connects the suburb of Belfast to the CBD. The path is popular amongst walkers and riders. If you’re based out North, this is the route for you!



In addition to its iconic riverfront steps, Oxford Terrace is also a bustling spot for pedestrians, cyclists, and scooterists. This wide, paved path is 2km in length and runs along the eastern side of the Avon River. 

When riding here, it's essential to remain alert of your surroundings, especially between 4pm-10am—when vehicles can also access the area.


Best places to ride electric scooters in Christchurch City Centre

Beyond the terrace, the flat streets of Christchurch CBD are also ideal for a scoot! Most areas are suitable to ride (except Victoria Sq and the Margaret Mahy Playground, which are no-riding zones).



The 50km Little River Trail follows the railway line from Hornby to Little River. Known for its wetlands, lakes, birdlife, and farmland—it’s an experience that you won’t easily forget. Plus, there’s plenty of history (such as old rail stations) to explore along the way. 

Depending on your scooter range and how much time you have, you may want to ride just one or two sections of the track.


As the name suggests, this cycleway connects the southern suburbs of Christchurch to the city centre. While most of the track is open, work is underway to link the cycleway to other shared paths. 
So, it’s a good idea to regularly check the cycleway status on the Christchurch City Council website. 


Likewise, parts of the Heathcote Expressway Cycleway are still in the works. However, you can currently use the completed ‘city-side’ section, which runs from the Tannery (shopping mall) to the CBD.

Once complete, the track will extend to Heathcote, enhancing Christchurch’s growing cycleway network. 


Test Ride an Electric Scooter in Christchurch

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Ready, Set, Ride! 

We hope you’re feeling better equipped with the knowledge to navigate the e-scooter life in Christchurch. As mentioned above, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 


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